As available patterns are constantly changing, please contact to place an order. Many current options can be seen on our Facebook page, which you can view even without your own account. Special requests are always encouraged!

All collars are 1" wide and are adjustable. Standard size is 14"-21". Email if you need a larger size! $20 each.

Martingale collars have no buckle at all, and tighten a bit when the dog pulls. If adjusted properly, the dog should not be able to back out of it.

Quick release collars have super sturdy, anodized aluminum buckles that will not rust.

Does your dog scratch a lot? If so, please consider a collar made from patterned webbing. This material will better hold up to sharp nails and scratching, which is likely to damage the decorative ribbon found on most collars.

Many patterns are available. Please email to find out which ones are currently available.