About Us

Bandit's Boutique was born out of Bandit's love for clothing and all things wearable. He may be a leggy, 50-pound guy now, but we always say that in a previous life, Bandit was a tiny little purse dog with an extensive wardrobe who ate meals off of fine china while standing on the dining table. He loves to look good, and is saddened by the fact that he only gets to dress up on special occasions. Good thing he always has on a fashionable collar! Bandit currently shares his home with three Siberian sisters- Selena, Kealy, and Mini- two Shiba sisters- Sydney and Roxie- a Cattle Dog mix brother- Jaxx- and three humans. He enjoys playing hard, running fast, dog sledding, good snacks, and watching dog shows on TV.

As the owners of strong willed, high energy breeds, we have learned just what sturdy means. Our dogs are strong dogs who always need to be contained, and love to play rough, which has taught us that their collars and leashes need to hold up to heavy use. For this reason, we only use heavy welded metal hardware. You won't find plastic anywhere on our collars, as it can break and leave you holding a collar and leash while your dog goes on an adventure without you, which is every dog owner's worst nightmare. No matter what breed of dog you have, you can count on our collars to hold up to whatever your dog puts them through.